Charlotte Rose

Charlotte and Carmen smoking menthol 100s | 10th February 2015

Charlotte and Carmen smoke strong B and H corks 100s cigarettes | 3rd February 2015

Charlotte chain smoking makeup | 28th January 2015

Charlotte smokes 2 strong corks 100s Benson and Hedges gold cigarettes as she puts her makeup on in front of the mirror wearing skimpy lingerie

Charlotte smoking corks 100s in lingerie side on | 27th January 2015 | 19th January 2015

Charlotte Rose smoking all white 100s in a pink latex dress | 17th January 2015

Charlotte and Carmen smoking corks and smoke swapping | 3rd September 2014

Charlotte and Carmen smoking and kissing | 9th August 2014

Charlotte smoking in elegant gloves | 2nd August 2014

Charlotte smoking strong Marlboro reds topless | 1st August 2014

Charlotte Rose smoking strong all white 100s in a see through belt | 27th July 2014

Charlotte Rose smoking strong corks in latex | 27th July 2014