Dannie Aston

Black and white movie of Dannie Aston smoking cork's cigarettes | 23rd June 2016

What a treat to be able to watch the stunning Dannie Aston smoking a cork's cigarettes in this black and white movie. Her smoking style gets us every time. So seductive and sensual, how she hold's the cigarette in her plump lips and the stream of smoke passing over them as she exhales

Dannie Aston smoking B&H wearing latex | 15th June 2016

Wearing a sexy latex dress, Dannie Aston smokes strong B&H cigarettes. Looking into your eyes, seducing you as she does open mouth inhales

Dannie Aston smoking all white 120's in latex | 10th June 2016

Wearing a figure hugging black latex dress, the beautiful busty blonde Dannie Aston smokes all white 120's cigarettes. Passionately inhaling every drag showing us some very sexy open mouth inhales

Dannie Aston smoking Marlboro Red's | 10th June 2016

Dannie Aston smokes strong Marlboro Red's cigarettes whilst topless. Sensational smoking style, very relaxed with deep inhales

Dannie Aston smokes all white 120's | 17th June 2016

Here we have another beautiful busty blonde sensually smoking all white 120's cigarettes. Dannie has a very seductive smoking style that grips you the whole way through

Jenna and Dannii smoking topless | 24th April 2016

Two beautiful model's sit topless in front of a mirror touching up their makeup whilst smoking all white 120 cigarettes

Dannii Aston smoking strong B&H | 23rd December 2014

Dannie Aston smokes in car | 7th August 2012

Dannii Aston is a natural sexy smoker | 28th July 2012

Dannii Astin smoking interview | 27th July 2012

Dannii Aston topless smoking make-up | 27th July 2012

Dannii Aston elegant blonde | 26th July 2012

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Dannii Aston topless smoker | 26th July 2012