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Hayley Estes

Hayley Estes smoking all white 120's cigarettes | 3rd November 2010

An older update for you guys that has no pictures or HD movie due to corrupt files but here is Hayley Estes smoking all white 120's cigarettes while wearing a little dress as she stands in front of the tv

Hayley Estes smoking in mirror | 8th October 2009

Hayley Estes smokes all whites 120's whilst looking into the mirror. In this scene, we film her reflection as she takes long pulls from the long all white 120's cigarette

Hayley Estes smoking all white 120's cigarettes | 8th October 2009

Wearing a long black dress, Hayley Estes sits on the sofa elegantly smoking all whites 120's cigarettes. Hayley is an extreamely sexy and elegant smoker

Busty Hayley Estes smoking and makeup | 7th October 2009

Busty Hayley Estes smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes whilst applying her makeup in front of the mirror. Hayley is an extremely elegant smoker and this movie has been done in black and white to add to her elegant smoking style

Hayley Estes smokes a big cigar | 30th October 2009

Wearing an open shirt and bra, Hayley Estes smokes a thick cigar. The room clouds with the thick cigar smoke in this extra long scene

Sexy Hayley Estes | 3rd October 2009

Sexy model Hayley Estes smokes corks 100's cigarettes while wearing a low cut top exposing her big breasts

Hayley Estes smoking in a little red basque | 23rd September 2009

Hayley Estes smokes corks 100's cigarettes while sitting in front of a window while wearing a little red basque

Hayley Estes smokes in sexy little black dress | 22nd September 2009

Curvaceous Hayley Estes relaxes on the bed wearing an elegant open front black dress. Smoking corks 100's cigarettes