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Jenna J

Jenna J smokes all white 100's in a pink latex dress | 24th November 2010

Jenna J looks stunning as she smokes all white 100's cigarettes while wearing a pink latex dress. Jenna's snap and open mouth inhales are pure smoking perfection

Jenna J trying to learn smoking tricks in the mirror | 27th November 2010

Jenna J smokes in front of the mirror as we try and teach her smoking tricks. There is no audio to this movie because of a tape corruption

Jenna J smoking topless right at you | 17th November 2010

Jenna J smokes topless as she lays on a rug, Jenna smokes silk cut cigarettes and her smoking is a mix of snap and closed mouth inhales

Jenna J smokes corks 120's cigarettes | 11th October 2010

Jenna J smokes corks 120's cigarettes in this update and as usual her smoking is sensual and natural

Stunning Jenna J smokes all white 120's | 10th October 2010

Stunning brunette Jenna J sits on the sofa in a little peach dress as she smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes. Lots of long pulls, deep inhales and a few snaps as well

Jenna J smoking in the car | 10th September 2010

Parked up in the countryside in her car, Jenna J pulls over to smoke a cigarette. Smoking all white 120's cigarettes, the camera films Jenna side on and with the sun right behind her it shows her exhaled smoke and her sexy smoke filled mouth so well

Jenna J smokes whilst out driving | 26th August 2010

Whilst out in the car, we film glamour model Jenna J as she drives and smokes strong B&H 100's cigarettes. Even whilst driving, Jenna manages to do some amazing snap inhales

Jenna J smokes all white 120's | 24th August 2010

Naturally beautiful glamour model Jenna J sits on a white leather sofa wearing a casual pink dress as she smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes. Jenna's smoking style is stunning as ever with her natural snap inhales

Jenna J topless smoking | 4th September 2010

Jenna J wears nothing more than white stockings and french knickers as she stands topless smoking strong B&H 100's cigarettes. Jenna's snap inhales and open mouth inhales look great with all that thick smoke showing in her mouth before she inhales and her exhales are really thick too

Jenna J nude smoking | 3rd September 2010

Sitting on the black leather sofa naked, Jenna J smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes. Jenna looks sexier than ever as she poses nude whilst holding her long cigarette. The smoke flows in and out of her gorgeous body as she seductively looks you in the eye. Jenna's open mouth and snap inhales are stunning

Hot smoker Jenna J | 4th July 2010

Stunning model Jenna J stands against a black wall wearing black stockings and sexy red underwear. Looking extreamly hot, Jenna lights up a Marlboro Red 100 cigarette. Jenna's natural style of smoking includes open mouth inhales and snap inhales

Jenna J smoking closeup | 12th June 2010

A closeup movie catching the smoke filled mouth of Jenna J. Jenna relaxes by the pool in her bikini as she smokes Marlboro Lights 100's cigarettes

Jenna J smoking by the pool | 17th May 2010

Natural smoker Jenna J relaxes by the pool in her bikini as she smokes Marlboro Lights 100's cigarettes. With the pool reflecting in her sunglasses, Jenna's long pulls and deep inhales look stunning

Naturally elegant smoker Jenna J | 23rd April 2010

Stunning glamour model Jenna J smokes all white 120's cigarettes while sitting against the wall with natural light pouring through the window. Jenna is a natural smoker with regular snap inhales and she looks so damn elegant and sexy when she smokes

Jenna J natural smoking | 21st April 2010

The stunning Jenna J lays on a rug in her bra and nylons, reading a newspaper while smoking Marboro Lights 100's cigarettes. Jenna's natural smoking style mixed with frequent unintentional snap inhales are amazing to watch

Jenna J smokes all white's 120's | 14th April 2010

Busty beauty Jenna J smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes while wearing a very sexy black latex dress. Jenna is a sexy natural smoker with lots of snap inhales

Jenna J's natural snap inhales | 5th April 2010

Brunette stunner Jenna J, elegantly dressed in a black dress and wearing long black gloves takes a seat at a table. As Jenna opens her packet of VS all white 120's cigarettes and places one between her lips, the waiter leans in a offers her a match. Jenna then enjoys her cigarette and glass of wine. Snap inhales are a huge part of Jenna's natural sexy smoking style

Topless Jenna J smokes corks 100's cigarettes | 25th March 2010

Gorgeous glamour model Jenna J smokes corks 100's cigarettes as she lays down topless

Smoking duo Charlotte Hurding and Jenna J | 18th March 2010

Two gorgeous busty brunettes, Jenna J and Charlotte Hurding sit on the sofa as they smoke all whites 120's cigarettes and discuss their nights plans. Both models are fantastic smokers and im sure you won't be able to take your eyes off them

Jenna J and Charlotte Hurding smoke swapping | 16th March 2010

Breathtaking brunette Charlotte Hurding and our sexy makeup artist Jenna J smoke Marboro Lights 100's cigarettes as they chat and giggle while they attempt open mouth inhales, snap inhales, hoops and smoke swapping!

Closeup of Jenna J smoking all white 120's | 6th March 2010

A nice close up video of Elegant beauty Jenna J, smoking 120's all white cigarettes on the sofa. With this view you can clearly see Jenna's sexy snaps and thick exhales

Jenna J closeup smoking in black and white | 25th February 2010

This is a new type of update for you members, Jenna's closeup smoking scene in black and white with music but you can still hear all inhales and exhales. Lots of slow motion shots of Jenna's sexy snap inhales and exhales as well as some real nice editing. Check the preview movie out, its a great movie

Jenna J smoking all white 120's in an elegant dress | 24th February 2010

The glamorous Jenna J takes smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes while wearing an elegant evening dress. Jenna's snap inhales are amazing, check out the preview movie for a slow motion preview of her amazing snaps