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Jools Brooke

Jools Brooke smoking all white 100's cigarettes | 8th October 2009

Jools Brooke smokes menthol all whites 100's cigarettes while wearing a little basque with stockings and suspenders. Her smoking is as sexy as ever with long lingering open mouth inhales

Jools Brooke smoking 120's cigarettes | 8th October 2009

The hugely popular sexy smoker Jools Brooke is back and hotter than ever as she smokes all white 120's cigarettes while laying on a bed. Super hot elegant smoking from this natural smoker

Jools Brooke smoking | 7th October 2009

Super sexy Jools Brooke smokes all white menthol 100's cigarettes as she does her makeup in the mirror while topless. Lots of open mouth inhales and dangling her long all white cigarette

Pornstar Jools Brooke big open mouth inhales | 23rd September 2009

Sexy nurse Jools Brooke smokes strong Benson and Hedges corks 100's cigarettes while wearing a slutty red PVC nurses uniform. Jools smoking is amazing with big open mouth inhales and such a heavy smoking style

Jools Brooke smokes in black lace outfit | 23rd September 2009

Jools Brooke smokes Marlboro lights 100's cigarettes while wearing a sexy black lace outfit

Jools Brooke smokes strong cigarettes | 16th September 2009

The sexy Jools Brooke smokes Benson and Hedges corks 100's cigarettes while laying on the sofa, be prepared for lots of heavy smoking and big open mouth inhales from the hugely popular sexy pornstar Jools Brooke

Jools Brooke smoking interview | 15th September 2009

Gorgeous young pornstar Jools Brooke smokes Marlboro Reds 100's while being interviewed all about her heavy smoking lifestyle. Jools is a super heavy smoker at 20+ a day and looks so sexy with a cigarette in her hand and mouth