Marcy stunning 120's smoking | 31st December 2010

Marcy is a normal girl that I went to school with and was delighted when she wanted to do a shoot as she has always been a strong smoker and was so natural. Marcie smokes VS all white 120's while laying on her front in a little black dress as she looks right at you and with her natural smoking style of open mouth and french inhales you are in for a treat

Marcy smoking 120's in pink latex | 2nd October 2010

Sexy natural girl Marcie smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes while wearing a sexy little pink latex dress. Marcie's smoking style is so natural and sexy to watch with long pulls, open mouth inhales and french inhales

Marcy smoking while her makeup is done | 12th August 2010

Marcy smokes strong Benson and Hedges 100s cigarettes as she has her makeup done by our makeup artist Jenna

Marcy smokes all whites 120's | 27th March 2010

Marcy takes out a VS 120's all white cigarette and lights up using matches. Marcy is a heavy hardcore smoker as she double pumps and inhales deep. Also watch out for her open mouth and snap inhales