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Model Jade smoking 120's cigarettes | 18th October 2009

Sexy ebony model Jade smokes an all white 120's cigarette while wearing a sexy little vest. Jade is a very sexy smoker and has lovely snap inhales

Ebony model Jade smoking | 8th October 2009

Putting her makeup on in front of the mirror, Jade smokes long all white 120's. Jade takes long drags from her cigarette and you can see many many open mouth inhale

Jade J shows us some smoking tricks | 4th October 2009

Sexy ebony model and expert smoker Jade smokes Marlboro lights 100's cigarettes with lots of tricks and big inhales

Jade J the ebony smoking queen | 23rd September 2009

Standing at the window in her pink underwear, Jade smokes Marlboro Lights 100's. Ebony model Jade takes long drags of her cigarette and loves the feel of the smoke lingering in her mouth

Jade J sexy open mouth inhales | 23rd September 2009

Wearing a pink bikini as she smokes corks 100's cigarettes, Jade does loads of her sexy big open mouth inhales

Jade J smokes strong cigarettes in little pink dress | 23rd September 2009

Jade smokes Benson and Hedges corks 100's cigarettes while wearing a sexy pink dress, her smoking is amazing with lots of big open mouth inhales

Lesley Rose smoking 120s in blue latex dress | 22nd December 2012

Lesley smoking 120s in white lingerie and stockings - No Sound | 22nd December 2012

Lesley smoking Marlboro reds in a little outfit | 3rd December 2012