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Mary Jane and JaimeyLee smoke swapping | 16th March 2020

Lolly and Amber smoking kissing closeup | 31st December 2019

Asha and Red chain smoking and kissing | 30th June 2019

Chloe and Carly smoking and kissing while wearing latex dresses | 11th February 2019

Sabrina inhales Havana Sin's smoke rings | 27th January 2017

Havana Sin and Sabrina smoke strong Marlboro Red cigarettes as they do plenty of sexy smoke swapping. Well known for her smoking tricks, Havana exhales smoke rings as Sabrina catches them to inhale

Sophie L and Lauren smoke swapping | 11th January 2017

Sophie L and Lauren smoke Marlborough lights cigarettes whilst experimenting with smoke swapping. Both girls are relaxed passionate smokers and love getting the extra kick by inhaling the others exhaled smoke. Plenty of snap inhales, open mouth inhales as they passionately look at you

Sophie L and Lauren smoke swapping | 30th June 2016

Wow, wow, wow. Super hot movie of two stunning models Sophie L and Lauren smoking Marlboro Red 100's cigarettes. These two will have you on the edge of your seat as they exchange smoke in a super sexy scene

Sisters Carley and Chloe topless smokey kisses | 19th February 2016

Real sisters Chloe and Carley are topless in stockings and suspenders with their huge tits pressed against each other as they light up strong Benson and Hedges corks 100s cigarettes. The girls share their smoke with some thick exhales into each others mouths then kiss and tongue kiss too, there is even some smokey nipple licking too. So wrong because they are real sisters but so right at the same time